About Us

As an immigrant, Sam, left his family back on the islands, and came to pursue better opportunities in America. He has a love of the outdoors and began growing his skill set during his childhood. Sam spent years building out his skills and experience working in Tonga, including working on the plantation, climbing coconut trees, clearing out working space to plant crops or to build homes, and trimming the local business’s trees. Since then, he’s been able to diversify his skills, and enhance his knowledge and passion for all aspects of the tree industry, including all the necessary safety precautions here in America.

With his love of climbing and ambition to make his community better he created the company KTM TREES. Since creating his company he’s been able to offer tree services to those in need at a fair price, deliver extraordinary customer service, offering payment options when necessary, and is always delivering in a timely manner.

Sam and his wife have 3 kids and can always be found surrounded by their family and friends. Being such an outdoor family, they love getting outside every chance they get, especially if it’s camping, hiking, and fishing.

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